Clearwater Beaches – the best in the world

clearwatr beach best beach in America

According to The Travel Channel, Clearwater beaches are among the best in the world.  Several different reports rate it either #1 or #2 in Florida.  So instead of spending a small fortune on travel to the Caribbean beaches, or far flung places like Fiji or Phuket to find a stunning beach, just come on down to Clearwater, Florida.

You can enjoy either the main Clearwater beach and be right in the midst of the action with classy hotels and great restaurants, or you can escape to quiet beaches like those on Sand Key.

“Sand Key beach is like a hidden secret. We were there at 8:30am on an April Saturday morning, and we parked right at the entrance to the beach area. When the main beach at Clearwater is packed, this is the place to be.”

Caladesi Island is a pristine nature reserve that offers another side of the Clearwater Beaches.

So the Clearwater  beaches have something for everyone. Whatever you’re looking for in a beach vacation Clearwater Beaches Concierge can help you find it.



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