Insider Tips: North Clearwater Beach

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The North Clearwater Beach has a very different vibe from the beaches to the south.  South Beach is closer to Pier 60 and the public parking, so it tends to get more crowded.  It’s also close to most of the major hotels and resorts, which means more tourists.

North Clearwater Beach is always less crowded. If you go early in the morning, it’s practically deserted.  Perfect for these social distancing times. Ne of the best places to access North Clearwater Beach is next to the Sand Pearl Resort on Baymont Street. If you go early, you can find free 2-hour parking just up Baymont Street past Frenchy’s restaurant.  You can stroll down the road, cross over Mandalay Avenue, past Clear Sky Cafe, and walk onto the beach. The beach right in front of the Sandpearl is a private beach for residents at the hotel, but even that section is open to the public after 11 am. Just walk further down towards the water and the beach is open to all.



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If you are on the beach before the crowds arrive, you’re likely to see the tracks of the seagulls in the sand.

seagull tracks

Enjoy a swim in the warm, gentle swell of the Gulf and relax on a wide stretch of white soft sand. You can spend several hours enjoying the sea and the sand without worrying about crowds and social distancing. If you stay at the Sandpearl you will be right on this section of the beach, but if you choose to stay at a hotel or motel further from the beach, or even drive to the beach, you can still enjoy this perfect section of North Clearwater Beach with these insider tips.

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When you’re done, stop at the Clear Sky Cafe on your way out for a snack and a delicious shake or hot cup of coffee.  Note:  The one drawback to this entrance to North Beach is that there is no shower to wash your feet when you come off the beach. Take a bottle of water with you for this purpose.

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